‘Sing the Same Song’ One-Day Workshop – NEW!

Close up of piano keys in black and white: Sing the same Song

Bridging the technical and commercial communications gap

Modern organisations are utterly dependent on their IT to survive. It’s an essential service that consumes enormous resources, but in return delivers massive value to the business and its customers, suppliers, employees and more.

Properly orchestrated, the commercial and technical sides of the organisation exist in sweet harmony, their words and music combining like Lennon and McCartney.

A songbook that’s instantly familiar and one where everyone loves to sing along.

But in real life, commercial and IT teams struggle to understand each other. Very soon, the friction and frustration can turn into anger and animosity.

It’s a failure to bridge the technology communications gap that sounds more like a primary school band: a discordant racket with the two sides singing in different tempos and often different lyrics.

And while a few ‘off’ notes might not sound too bad, the cost to an organisation can be huge.

Poor communication wastes as much as 10% of an IT budget. But add delays in getting solutions to market, and incoherent systems failing to meet user needs – that compounds the pain.

And if it leads to down time, bugs being released and data corruption, the cost and reputational damage can be enormous.

What if instead they could learn to speak each other’s language, better understand each other’s needs, and find common ground on which to build a solid platform?

Sarah Denholm and Stewart Marshall are combining their expertise to help organisations do precisely that.

'9 Boxes' Planning & Structure Template for an Impactful Presentation

Includes: Content 'type' suggestions / Walkthrough of my own example / Empty grid for your own use ______________________________________________ “Sarah has developed some very practical tools to help people learn and develop presentation skills. As someone who appreciates structure, having a template structure to work from and adapt is very helpful indeed.” - Chad Irons, GM, ACC International Relief

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