– 4 week small group course live in Melbourne 

The Speakers Confluence® group course is for you if you’re a competent professional and:

  • You’re expected to perform confidently, and know you can do a great job – but sometimes you still don’t feel comfortable or confident
  • You’re in a new role where you’re seen as an expert – but you sometimes feel like an imposter
  • You need to be influential in changing opinions and getting action during presentations, conversation or meetings
  • You want to be able to influence regardless of your position
  • You’re still too concerned about what people think of you – and that frustrates you


  • You already feel competent and professional – but it’s a competitive world and you want an edge
  • You’re in a senior position, have never been coached and want to learn new skills or refine current ones
  • You’re looking for new strategies and tools to engage your audience
  • You give a similar presentation frequently and are jaded or bored with it 
  • You want to influence in the best ways for your own personality and the people you’re trying to influence

Delivered live in Melbourne, it’s for you if you need to influence, inspire and lead. If your goal is to become consistently confident and influential whenever you communicate in any of these scenarios (you choose which areas you want to focus on):

Giving presentations or speeches

Facilitating or participating in meetings

During 1:1 conversations

You’ll walk away with new skills, ready to access at any time in the future.

I had a great experience working with Sarah over the last couple of months on the public speaking and executive communication skills. Sarah’s knowledge of the field is extensive, and she continuously went the extra mile to address my specific questions. Looking forward to working with Sarah in the future.

Natalia Kozyura

Natalia KozyuraHead Of Innovation Center at FWD Insurance, Singapore

I encourage anyone looking to develop their interpersonal skills to reach out to Sarah. I cannot recommend her Speaker’s Confluence program enough as it’s helped me gain the confidence and skills to have more engaging interactions.

She has the ability to tailor courses to your specific needs so you can target and hone specific skills rather than a generic overview. 10/10 recommend!

Tristan S. BennettLead Content Developer - Calibre9

The Five Pillars of Speakers Confluence®

5 circles with the pillars of Speakers Confluence - consistent confidence, adaptable authenticity, real-time resilience, dynamic delivery, intentional influence.

The 5 Pillars:

Consistent Confidence

Learn proven mindset and behavioural tools to build and maintain your confidence so you can access it when you need to. Whether you feel deflated, uncertain or need a boost.

Adaptable Authenticity

Walk that line between “being yourself” and adapting to the situation and environment. How to modify your style and be versatile when required.

Real-time Resilience

How to get back on track “in the moment” when you’re knocked off-course. During Q and A for example, or when ambushed in a conversation.


How to engage your audience with specific tools, plus the right amount of energy and variety. Present yourself with presence and gravitas.

Intentional Influence

Demonstrate persuasive, influencing and positioning skills of yourself and your content.

You’ll be re-energised and engage in new ways with your presentation and communication skills; and you’ll learn techniques you’ve never considered before! 

Ready to go?  The details:

Duration: 2.5 hours per session

Length of course: 4 weeks

Date/time of next course:  

Tuesdays 10 – 12.30pm  3rd – 24th August 1 space left

Book with 100% confidence: with the evolving virus situation, I offer a guaranteed full refund, move online, rescheduling of dates, or transfer to next course. You choose.

If you have to miss a session, you get a private catch-up (private coaching benefits, as well as group)

Speakers Confluence® Group Course Investment: 

  • one-off total payment of $1,639 incl. GST $979 incl.GST (introductory price) OR
  • 4 monthly instalments of $410 $245 incl.GST (no extra cost for instalments)
Venue: Quest Apartments, 741 Whitehorse Rd Mont Albert (near Box Hill) Melbourne
Number of participants: 4 – 7

Sarah has helped me prepare for an upcoming conference in which I will be presenting. The entire process has been extremely helpful and I am very grateful for the assistance she has provided. I recommend to anyone looking to improve their public speaking abilities!

Jeremy Graham

Jeremy GrahamComputational Design Leader | Speaker | Developer

Course content relates to my Speakers Confluence® individual client program

After coaching individual clients in this work and being asked to run it in a small group format, this course is the result.

You get much of that content, plus:

  • Testing, discussing and practising your skills in front of others, and getting immediate feedback in a safe environment
  • Still being in a group small enough for me to tailor the experience for your own priorities, learning needs and style
  • A lower price investment than working with me 1:1

How does the Course work?

  • You deliver a short, prepared presentation in each session. (Your choice of content) 
  • You’re videotaped, and the link sent to you privately after the session
  • You practise a short impromptu “think on your feet” concept each week
  • There’s lively group discussion, sharing ideas and feedback to move you forwards faster
  • You get feedback from people in other industries with different perspectives, which adds to your toolkit

Frequently Asked Questions

It runs from 3rd – 24th August. Tuesday mornings, from 10am – 12.30pm.

At the Quest Apartments conference room in Mont Albert, Melbourne Eastern suburbs (near Box Hill).

Your investment is $979 incl. GST as an upfront payment.

Or you can pay in 4 monthly instalments of $245 incl. GST. This doesn’t cost you any more.

This is the first time I’ve run this particular course: the material is taken from my individual client 3 month program, which costs $2,970 incl. GST.

So it’s an introductory special! The price will go up.

Yes I will – so you’ll be able to join the course from anywhere. This will happen later in the year: please contact me to go on a waitlist if you’re interested, and I’ll be in touch.

No problem. If you miss a week, you get a private 30 minute catch-up session with me online to discuss what was covered and anything else you need.

You can book with 100% confidence: I offer a full refund, move online, or transfer to the next course. You choose.

My groups are usually 4 – 8. This is small enough for me to give you specific content to achieve your outcomes of confidence and influence and tailor for your own needs and goals. This is a bespoke course, and my goal is always for you to get what you personally need from it.

Absolutely. I work with you at any level of confidence and presence. For you it may be small tweaks in your presence and gravitas that will make all the difference. And we’ll focus mainly on the influencing skills that you need.