Sarah Denholm in front of male student practising speaking exercises

Project confidence, competence and professionalism

Stepping up and speaking up – and doing it well – isn’t always easy. Communicating well is multi-faceted. It takes clear thinking, energy and the right skills.

When presenting for example, you need authenticity and a conversational style, along with deliberate intention and clarity. Clarity for yourself, and your audience. 

And depending on what level you’re at, you may not be getting solid, professional or entirely truthful feedback about your speaking skills. This is where working with me in this Accelerated Speaking Program will help. 

Let’s design a plan for your presentation and speaking skills together.

I’ll help you to step up and speak up by giving you clarity, frameworks, tools and techniques. You’ll be re-energised – or energised for the first time – about the possibilities for you as a confident, clear communicator.

We’ll look at what’s limiting you, and work to eliminate any blocks holding you back.

Your goals may be to:

  • Enjoy presenting, and become more polished and professional.
  • Run effective meetings – or participate more and be heard during them.
  • Appear more confident and competent in conversations at work, or socially.

Or perhaps it’s something else you’re looking for. And if you’re not sure what that is, we’ll explore it to find out.

What happens:

  • Beginning with where you are now, we look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and options. 
  • We then come up with a plan that gives you energy and momentum around your speaking goals.
  • We get clear on the key ‘dominos’ that will knock over your goals and make your public speaking and presentation life easier, more efficient, less draining.
  • We’ll add and subtract whatever you personally need to be at your best during creation, preparation and delivery.

One of the best investments I’ve made this year was working with Sarah on my public speaking skills. Over 3-4 months, we focussed on building my confidence and skills I could use in any form of communication. When we started our 1:1 sessions, I lacked structure. I meandered my way through conversations/presentations due to self-doubt and not knowing my speaking habits.

Through constructive and honest feedback, Sarah guided me in removing the blocks in speaking up and sharing my ideas more confidently. I now have tools/skills I can lean on in any situation to help me convey my message.
I highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking to improve their communication and presentation skills in and outside of the workplace!

Nils NazeriHR Consultant - National Australia Bank

Before I met Sarah I had actively avoided any opportunity to present to more than a handful of people and only then under duress. Sarah was highly effective in building my confidence and helping me to let go of my inner (sabotaging) belief that I cannot be a good speaker (with time, focus and practice). I have learnt so much from Sarah about how to manage my nerves and prepare myself psychologically for delivering engaging presentations. I’ve also learnt how to structure my presentations so they are clear for the listener, use vocal variety effectively, how to practice effectively, stand and use gestures. Sarah is an amazing teacher and I can’t recommend her coaching – and course – highly enough.

Melanie FrokChange Management & Employee Engagement Strategist

Sarah is a true professional in her chosen field. Upon first meeting with Sarah, my wife and I who were looking for quality one-on-one coaching to help improve our public speaking skills, were blown away by Sarah’s calming nature. Quickly identifying what areas we need to improve on and providing excellent advice and guidance to ensure our skills dramatically improved and our desired information and content delivered effectively to our audience. We recommend Sarah and her services and will continue to use her expertise and guidance in the future. Thank you Sarah.

Andrew SamuelIndependent Consultants for Arbonne International

The Accelerated Speaking Program gives you completely tailored and personalised guidance, plus a high level of access to me.

  • Before our first session, I’ll evaluate your current goals and challenges, along with examples of videos of any presentations, podcasts, or other scenarios if you have them. 
  • In our first session we’ll plan what’s needed to get you to where you want to be, along with exercises and tools for a fast start.
  • We’ll work together usually every 2 weeks (in person or online) and continue to add/subtract elements and skills. This also ensures that you stay on track.
  • Weekly sessions if you have a looming event, or longer gaps than 2 weeks are also possible if needed.
  • We look in detail (whatever level you need) at any presentations or talks and I give you comprehensive feedback. 
  • You have access to my library, containing videos, PDF’s and other links/resources.
  • You can contact me between our calls via phone or email if questions or concerns come up.

Your investment in the Accelerated Speaking Program is $1,980 including GST for a 3 month program (or longer/shorter gaps between sessions if needed) and instalments are available.

Sarah Denholm on stairs

Why work with me in the Accelerated Speaking Program?

After years of struggling with performance and public speaking anxiety, I’ve learned what’s needed to prepare and perform at your best in front of an audience. 

I originally trained as a professional Classical pianist, which – believe me – hones your skills on stage in front of audiences of any size. Appear unprofessional – whether that’s playing wrong notes, being unprepared, or not connecting with your audience – and your reputation and career nose-dive. So it’s the perfect learning ground for a public speaker!

And I struggled massively with public speaking. But ironically that was my vehicle to learning how to be on stage performing again. And eventually led me to become passionate about helping others to communicate well in front of groups or in social situations which made them nervous, such as networking events or client meetings. (More detail on the About Sarah page.) 

I’ve been doing this work professionally for over 14 years, as a speaking, presentation skills and influencing coach, consultant and trainer. 

And my other training as a life and business coach has given me additional skills to support you.

I’d love to help you become the authentic, confident and competent communicator you want to be.

You’ll gain personalised new knowledge and skills that suit you and your style. 

The power of coaching and mentoring is well-documented. It’s powerful to have someone there supporting your skills and growth over a period of time. 

To find out more, click the button below. I’ll then contact you to find a time for us to have a conversation about you and your speaking goals – and whether the Accelerated Speaking Program is right for you. You won’t be ‘sold’ to, I promise.