Mind the Blanks – Online Course

Learn how to avoid or overcome mind blanks and brain freeze when speaking or presenting

Do you struggle with mind blanks or brain freeze when you speak to groups?

Does your thinking capacity go offline? If so, it’s probably just when you need it most.

It’s an issue that my clients often mention when they’re looking for help with their public speaking or presenting. And when we apply techniques that address their particular triggers – understanding their own situational causes – it makes a big difference.

This ‘Mind the Blanks’ online course gives you 14 short (usually around 5 minutes) easy-to-digest videos with tools and techniques to deal with freezing up when speaking.

You’ll definitely find your own triggers in there!

I address the issue from lots of different perspectives. Your:

  1. Mindset
  2. Behaviours
  3. Actual speaking skills

It’s perfect if you want to work through different solutions – play, test and replay in your own time.

You get clear, practical content, with enough information to understand what to do, and be able to take action to overcome your fears.

Best wishes with your speaking.

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Mind the Blanks – Online Course

Sarah’s suggestions are clear and easy to grasp yet always based of a wealth of knowledge. I’ve greatly enhanced my own confidence and clarity through working with Sarah and I would recommend her highly to anyone who is looking to improve their speaking skills.

Karen Humphreys

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How the Mind the Blanks online course works 

The course uses slides and me on screen, taking you through every idea and technique.

These are researched tools from behavioural science, psychology, resilience, presentation and communication skills.

Who it’s for:

This course is ideal if you need to speak at work in any organisation. Or you may run your own business.

You may need to speak up in meetings, give presentations or deal 1:1 with clients.

The content will also help if you need to speak at a social event like a wedding.

What you’ll get:

You’ll learn what works to deal with mind blanks, both in my own life and from working with over 4,500 clients in the past 13 years.

What you’ll learn:

There are 3 main modules in this Mind the Blanks online course: 

1. Why Mind Blanks Happen – the background and science behind them, so you really understand why your brain goes offline

2. Solutions Part 1:  Beliefs and Reframing – the myths and beliefs you might be holding in three key areas that can hold you back unnecessarily

3. Solutions Part 2: Preparation and rehearsal

  • If you’re severely anxious: my ‘teddy’ technique for initial practice
  • Structure Matters: why ‘chunking’ is your friend
  • Using Notes and Script without losing your place
  • Practice – Delivery and what you need to rehearse most
  • Practice – Focus: The two crucial areas to rehearse
  • Breathing: the core of what makes all the difference
  • Plan in Case: your ‘saving’ elements

4. Solutions Part 3: During your event – what to do when you’re in the thick of it.

  • Start off well: dealing with those dangerous first 2 minutes
  • Move and breathe: how your body speaks to you
  • Stay Connected: what you most need to stay connected to

My story

I really struggled with being in front of an audience: firstly in my original career as a Classical pianist, and then when I started to speak in public. I was truly awful: self-conscious, shaky, incoherent…and I suffered from mind-blanks (more here). So I learned over a period of years what works – initially to overcome my anxiety, and ultimately to find out how to speak with authority and presence. And I’m not special: I just learned the tools and practised them. You can do this too.

Course Uniqueness

All of this took me years to learn; but you can get the condensed version, the shortcuts in this course.

Learn and implement in your own time, and go over the content as often as you like – spaced repetition – which is how our brains learn best.

100% Risk Free Guarantee

Plus there’s my 100% money back guarantee. If the course isn’t for you, ask for your money back within 30 days. Email me directly, and I’ll refund your full payment. I care a lot more about keeping your trust than your money.

You can become a more comfortable speaker, no longer afraid of freezing up or forgetting your content! Become able to think coherently and stay functional and fluent while being watched.

And if you’re looking for a more comprehensive online course on becoming a more confident speaker or presenter, consider ‘How to Become a Confident Public Speaker’ with nearly 6 hours of content, covering every aspect of building confidence.

Very useful, practical and interesting information.  Hearing Sarah’s own experience created trust and, from my observations, gave the group, including myself, a sense that Sarah really did understand each persons fears and insecurities when it came to public performance.  This, combined with the simple, effective physical tools

C.J.Shopping Centre Group Property Manager