How to Become a Confident Public Speaker – Online Course

Deal with public speaking anxiety and fear, and build your skills to become a confident public speaker: tools for less stressed, more comfortable presenting

‘Become a Confident Public Speaker’ online course gives you 6 hours of video modules and downloadable exercises to go at your own pace.

It’s perfect if you can’t get to a live course, or don’t feel ready.

You get clear, practical content, with enough information to understand what to do, and act – but not so much that you get overwhelmed.

The content is taken from levels 1 – 3 of my Accelerated Speaking Model:

Staircase graphic showing the 5 levels of Speaking Skills from Confidence to Impact and Influence

‘How to Become a Confident Public Speaker’ online course gives you:

  • solid, simple, proven techniques to deal with fear or anxiety
  • tools to become a more confident, engaging and clear presenter
  • plus all the basics of good presenting

Positively change how you feel about public speaking. You’ll make a difference to your life – not just in public speaking, but your whole life!

Gain practical tools to build success and freedom around speaking.

I’ve gone deep into techniques, so that you can remove issues – not just bandage them.

How to Become a Confident Public Speaker Online Course

I don’t know if this is the first time you’ve taken action…maybe you’ve tried to work on your confidence before and got stuck.

Whatever your challenges are, we look at two things:

1. Behaviours – using your behaviours and body to change your mind

2. Mindset – using your mind and brain to change your body

I cover the most common blocks my clients deal with, and teach you how to overcome them. You’ll find ideas and techniques to help your particular situation and personality.

You’ll have less stress, less wasted time and energy – and more work and life satisfaction. Plus greater peace of mind.

How to Become a Confident Public Speaker – Online Course

After years of working from home and falling into my safe unchallenged comfort zone, it became apparent to me that although I had previously been a nervous public speaker, I had developed a real, almost crippling fear around this. As I now embark on a new business and career, its even more clear that this was something I needed to conquer in order for this new business to develop and grow….. Sarah to the rescue!
Upon completing Sarah’s online course on ‘How to be a Confident Speaker’ 3 things really stood out for me with this course-
1. The convenience and flexibility of doing this course online, around my time constraints and juggling of life.
2. It’s clear and easy to follow course content.
3. Simple strategies and easy to implement tool that will help me become more confident and clear.
I have now booked myself into a public speaking event is a few weeks’ time and I know that yes, I’ll still be nervous but I now have Sarah’s tools and guidance to overcome this fear and am confident that with consistent practice and preparation, this ‘fear’ will be a thing of the past!

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How the course works 

The course uses slides and my voice, taking you through every idea and technique; you also get downloadable templates and worksheets.

These are researched tools from behavioural science, psychology, resilience, presentation and communication skills.

Who it’s for:

This course is ideal if you need to speak at work in any organisation. Or you may run your own business.

You may need to speak up in meetings, give presentations or run interviews – and are either reluctant, or simply not as engaging and confident as you want to be.

The content will also help if you need to speak at a social event like a wedding. Or maybe there’s a cause you believe in, but can’t find your voice sufficiently to spread the word.

What you’ll get:

You’ll learn what works, both in my own life and from working with over 10,000 clients in the past 14 years.

Confident Public Speaker - SPACE framework and modules

Visual model showing the 5 elements in the course creating the acronym SPACE: structure, practice, attitude, control, energy

I can highly recommend Sarah Denholm’s ‘How to become a confident public speaker’ online course. After reading about Sarah and watching her video introduction I immediately felt comfortable with her style and approach.

I was initially hesitant to enrol in a group or face to face course and felt the online course would be an appropriate introduction to improving my public speaking skills.

The online course allowed me to work at my own pace through the 6 modules and downloadable exercises, providing a realistic insight into proven techniques for overcoming anxiety and becoming a confident speaker. It worked for me!

Sarah’s online course has revolutionised the way I prepare for and deliver content to an audience. Thank you, Sarah!

Marty ConnelAustralian Government

What you’ll learn:

There are 8 modules: 

These three modules are designed to set you up for success:

1. Roadblocks – or what might stop you from completing (or even starting!) the course. What you need to be aware of around motivation and change: which of the big 5 roadblocks do you struggle with?

2. Vision and goal-setting Action Plan. How to set the right goals and vision for yourself, with brief, easy templates to give you a roadmap and keep you on track

3. The foundations of confidence. How confidence, fear and anxiety really work, and the best, researched ways to build your own confidence and power


Then we get into the body of the course: The SPACE Framework.

This framework has five modules to cover your goals and challenges from three main angles: practical planning and structure, your mindset and your behaviours

4. Structure – How making sure you have a clear logical flowing presentation will build confidence for you, and also for your audience. You’ll learn how to organise your thinking with different structures according to your own situation. You also get templates so you can permanently create your own talks quickly and easily.

5. Practice – How to prepare in the best, more stream-lined and time-efficent ways for mastery with any presentation (I know you’re busy!) without the mistakes that I see so many clients making – and how to make this a cornerstone to your success as a speaker.

6. Attitude – Mindset is so crucial – our mindset and beliefs run our lives: how to get – and keep – yourself in the right frame of mind when you need it most; how to deal with your negative inner voices  – I will teach you what you need to do in order to think differently, and give you specific tools to work with.

7. Control – You may never have thought about this before but our brains have a strong need for control and certainty: I’ll explain how this works; you’ll learn what you can and can’t control around your speaking. How to take control back: control of your goals, your mindset, your audience’s expectations of you.

8. Energy – Where yours comes from, and how to harness and work with it so that you can deliver presentations with the right amount for both you and your audience. What to do if you’re a low-key introverted constricted presenter… or the opposite – hyper and bouncing off the walls with stress.

My story

I really struggled with being in front of an audience: firstly in my original career as a Classical pianist, and then when I started to speak in public. I was truly awful: self-conscious, shaky, incoherent…and I suffered from mind-blanks (more here). So I decided to learn what works – initially to overcome my anxiety, and ultimately to find out how to speak with authority and presence. And I’m not special: I just learned the tools and practised them. You can do this too.

Course Uniqueness

All of this took me years to learn; but you can get the condensed version, the shortcuts in this course. Learn and implement in your own time, and go over the content as often as you like – spaced repetition – which is how our brains learn best. You won’t find this in-depth, holistic content all in one place anywhere else – it’s a combination of all the best I’ve learned over 35 years being on stages in front of audiences! I’m beside you all the way because I’m totally committed to your success.


There are about 5.5 hours of video. I recommend taking e.g. 1 hour a week to go through each module, take notes, and do the downloadable exercises which come with most modules. You can skip around or go faster, of course! Whatever suits your rhythm.

100% Risk Free Guarantee

Plus there’s my 100% money back guarantee. If the course isn’t for you, ask for your money back within 30 days. Email me directly, and I’ll refund your full payment. I care a lot more about keeping your trust than your money.

You can become a more confident, clear, connected and engaging speaker! I look forward to sharing your speaking journey with you.

And if you’d like a free 20 minute Discovery conversation (phone or Zoom) to speak directly with me, book a time which suits you through this page.

For several years I have allowed fear to dictate the direction of my life when it comes to the area of speaking in public or simply being in meetings and social settings. I understand how debilitating it can be when you feel you can’t breathe or it feels like your heart is about to jump out of your mouth and your brain has left you temporarily. I know what it feels like to stand there wishing an earthquake or tsunami would miraculously sweep you off the planet but I would really encourage anyone who is struggling in these areas to take the step and enrol in one of Sarah’s classes.

Its different that any other class or self help book and I’ll tell you why…..simply….. Sarah cares!! Sarah cares because like me she knows exactly how you feel. She understands exactly how that fear grips you. She understands the hurdle you feel you have to get over and she understands the power in overcoming. That is why this course is unique. Sarah has a heart to turn your life around to be something extraordinary, and to be the confident, engaging, powerful person you were born to be. Please don’t let fear stop you from living the life you know you should. 

Angela Cutting, Melbourne

I learnt techniques to improve my speaking style and to structure a speech; Sarah takes something that is the fear of the majority of people and rationalises it and breaks it down into techniques to improve it.

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