Online public speaking course

Online Public Speaking Courses

Want to improve your public speaking confidence and skills, but can’t get to live “in the room” classes? Or just aren’t ready to be part of a group yet?

If you need to speak at work and are avoiding it…or sometimes feel as though your skills are on the scale from ‘disappointing’ to ‘dismal’ – I get it. 

You know the content in your mind, you’re articulate as you think through your points. And you know that you’ve got a good brain. 

But the words and ideas don’t always come out of your mouth the way you intend them to, and you’re letting yourself down. 

It doesn’t have to be like this. No matter how long it’s been going on for, you can make solid, permanent improvements. Speaking well is a mixture of confidence and competence…and one way to start your journey safely and in your own time, is through an online public speaking course.

Public speaking is a learnable skill – and so is public speaking confidence. I know this with certainty because I used to feel completely stressed out and incapable of speaking to groups (my skills and confidence were so low they were resting on the carpet!).

And I now speak and train for a living. I’ve also trained 1000’s of people since 2009 to speak well and not have to hide from any audience, no matter how challenging.

You can positively change what you think, how you feel and the actions you take. You’ll make a difference to your life – not just your speaking skills life, but your whole life! 

The ripple effects of improving your skills will impact other parts of your life in ways you may not even realise at this point.

My online public speaking courses always look at two things:

  1. Behaviours – using your behaviours and your body to change your mind.
  2. Mindset – using your mind to change your body.
Online Public Speaking Courses

Of course, we can’t really separate our body from our thoughts (although trauma sufferers may disassociate as a means of coping). However, it can be useful as a learning tool. 

So, one of the things my courses will help you do is to break down what can be a dark blob of uncertainty, concern and anxiety, and transform that blob into something clear, coherent and comfortable.

There are 2 courses available, and in both, you can access all the modules at once. No waiting for a week for the content to be drip-fed to you. 

One benefit of this approach is that you can pick and choose what content you want to go to first: you’re not forced into a specific order. Although I always recommend watching the introduction before you do get started!

Your options:

1. ‘Mind the Blanks’

A shorter course running for under 1 hour where the focus is specifically on overcoming or avoiding mind blanks and brain freeze. 

Short, bite-sized video modules and slide content, with each challenge and technique, clearly named, so you can go straight to what you want to solve.

For more information and a quick video from me, click here.

2. ‘How to Become a Confident Public Speaker’

A deep-dive into how to build your confidence using my SPACE formula. This is a much bigger course, covering five major aspects of speaking confidence and skill. It runs to nearly 6 hours, with my voice commentary and slides to follow along with.

This bigger course also contains lots of downloadable worksheets and templates for you to use whenever you like. 

To find out more and watch a video explaining the course in more detail, click here.

Sarah Denholm giving a keynote speech on strong presentation skills

Business leaders estimate their teams lose an average of 7.47 hours per week to poor communication - almost one full work day

*The State of Business Communication, Grammarly 2022

About me

I’ve been coaching, consulting and mentoring in public speaking and presentation skills for over 13 years. Plus many years on stage as a classical pianist before that.

I work with clients worldwide in organisations from the UN to Deutsche Bank.

To find out more about my background and story, visit the About Sarah page, or my LinkedIn profile.

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