Interpersonal skill training

Learn business communication and interpersonal skills training through my tailored workshops, coaching and consulting.

Interpersonal skills matter. They build successful teams, client relationships, collaboration, and businesses large and small.

What are interpersonal skills?

The exchange of information between people. And exchange is used deliberately: meaning not only how information is transmitted but how it’s received.

We transmit, and the receiver attempts to decode our information by matching patterns they already recognise; patterns such as words, vocal style, body language and other behaviours.

From these patterns, they make assumptions and draw conclusions – and these lead to rapport, trust and relationship building. To use musical language (my first career), there’s resonance and a sense of harmony.

Or if it goes wrong, there’s misunderstanding, awkwardness, and relationship breakdowns.

So interpersonal skills are how we communicate – and we can’t not communicate. It’s automatic, every time we’re with one or more people!

Communication and interpersonal skills training benefits

There are three key lenses through which I work when running interpersonal skills training
or coaching:

All of these combined add up to your brand, professional and personal. And your ‘brand’ – like the idea or not – is what makes people “turn towards” you and want to learn more. Or what makes them turn away and move on.

I work with you or your team to enhance your professional interpersonal skills via three delivery methods:

Every option is tailored precisely for your needs and goals and can be delivered to any level of your organisation, from executive team to frontline salespeople. So if you or your organisation need help with business communication skills training, get in touch! I’d love to discuss how I might support you.

Sarah Denholm giving a keynote speech on strong presentation skills

Business leaders estimate their teams lose an average of 7.47 hours per week to poor communication - almost one full work day

*The State of Business Communication, Grammarly 2022

What some previous clients have said about my interpersonal skills training:

About me

I’ve been coaching, consulting and mentoring in public speaking and presentation skills for over 13 years. Plus many years on stage as a classical pianist before that.

I work with clients worldwide in organisations from the UN to Deutsche Bank.

To find out more about my background and story, visit the About Sarah page, or my LinkedIn profile.

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