Sarah Denholm coaching a client with a pad and pen, next to video camera

Practice Group Class Melbourne details:

Come along to this small practice and “quick win” class – 1 Sunday morning each month.
1. Practise your public speaking with on-the-spot coaching from Sarah and constructive feedback from her and other participants.
  • Bring your own talk (or section of one) and speak for 3 minutes.
  • Video-taping optional.

You’ll get coached in the moment on your key goals and challenges. These might be:

  • Confidence-building.
  • Being more engaging.
  • Working with slides or a script.
  • Persuasion and influence techniques.

2. Learning 15 minute tutorial on ‘quick wins’ to improve. Different topic each month.

3. Your questions answered! Any level catered for – come along no matter where you are in your public speaking journey. You’ll find a friendly, safe environment, energetic discussion, and expert advice.

Any area of speaking where you want advice – talks, meetings and presentations – can be covered. Whether they’re the overall building-blocks:

  • Logical structure.
  • Effective delivery.
  • Clear content.
  • Confidence tips.

Or higher-level focused influence and persuasion tools.

To specific tweaks seen through these 3 lenses:

  • Visual – how you look.
  • Vocal – how you sound.
  • Verbal – what you say.

Bring slides if you want. You also get the chance to practice an impromptu “think on your feet” 1 minute talk.

Time: 10am – 12 noon.

Dates of next class:  24th September    22nd October    19th November

Investment: booked in a block of 3.

NOTE: if you can’t make 1 of the dates, you can transfer to next block starting early 2024.

3 sessions: $495 incl. GST

Location: Quest Apartments, 741 Whitehorse Rd Mont Albert.
Number of participants: 6 – 8

What you get:

  1. Bring your own presentation and practice in front of a small group – get feedback and coaching
  2. Deliver a short impromptu, with tips on how to think on your feet
  3. Discuss any aspect of public speaking that’s on your mind and learn from Sarah and the group
  4. Get a new tool/technique from Sarah
  5. Be filmed if you choose, and the video will be sent to you after the class

Tea, coffee and light refreshments are available throughout the morning.

If  you have any questions, please contact Sarah via the contact page.