speaker confluence level 3


Building on Level 2, Speakers Confluence® Level 3 is the natural next step: and in 2024 it’s all new content!

Level 3 is about further refining your skills to persuade and influence across, up and down. And to continue heightening your executive presence and style.

Who it's for

If you’ve completed Speakers Confluence® Level 2
and are happy for more (or have previously done Level 3 – all the content is new).

It’s tailored for:

Experienced Speakers

If you've mastered the basics of public speaking and presenting, and are ready for further practice and insights, Level 3 is ideal.


Whether you're a business leader, educator, or professional in any field, Level 3 will help you stand out in, for example, presentations, meetings or conferences.

Aspiring Influencers

If your goal is to inspire, motivate, and lead, this course will give you further tools to engage and persuade your audience effectively.

Public Figures

If you're in the public eye in areas such as politics, entertainment, or advocacy, Level 3 will give you more tools to communicate with presence and influence.