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Do you lack consistent confidence when presenting, or speaking up in a meeting? Or speaking with a client, or your team?

Do you doubt your ability to influence? Or connect and engage the right audience at the right time?

Confluence will change everything for you.

Pendant graphic showing the 5 pillars of Speakers Confluence® - Consistent Confidence, Adaptable Authenticity, Real-time Resilience, Dynamic Delivery and Intentional Influence

All good speakers have it, and it’s what I teach in my individual coaching programs, and training with organisations.

  • Maybe your confidence wavers – you find it hard to step up and speak up 
  • Perhaps you sense your listeners or audience drifting or disengaging when you speak
  • You might lack feeling able to influence others when you need it most

In this video and guide Speakers Confluence® 3 Strategies, I’ll share with you three key ideas you can use today to increase your Confluence capacity. 

About Sarah

I’ve been coaching, consulting and mentoring in public speaking, presentation skills and influencing skills for over 15 years. Plus many years on stage as a classical pianist before that.

I work with clients worldwide in organisations from the UN to Deutsche Bank.

To find out more about my background and story, visit the About Sarah page, or my LinkedIn profile.

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