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 SPEAKERS CONFLUENCE® Individual Program

Gain higher levels of presence, gravitas, dynamism
and influence when you present or speak

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 SPEAKERS CONFLUENCE® Individual Program

Gain higher levels of confidence, gravitas, dynamism and influence when you present or speak

Who’s it for 

Speakers Confluence® coaching is for you if you’re a competent professional or business owner and recognise yourself here:

  • You need to influence to change opinions and get action from presentations, conversation or meetings – regardless of your organisational position.
  • You’re expected to perform, and you do a great job – but sometimes don’t feel consistently comfortable or powerful enough.
  • You’re in a new role where you’re seen as an expert, and need to demonstrate that.


  • You’re in a senior position, have perhaps never been coached and want to learn new skills or refine current ones. To speak to new or bigger audiences, or market and position your business for greater visibility and success.
  • You’re looking for an edge: new strategies and tools to elevate your skillset and craft. 
  • You want to influence in the best ways for your own personality and the people you’re trying to influence.

As examples, my recent 1:1 work includes preparing clients for:

  • International conferences as keynote speaker.
  • National Press Club Address in Canberra.
  • Successful school principal and healthcare executive interviews.
  • Working with a group executive on their vocal style.
  • Helping founders of a start-up with their company-wide communication.

Why Speakers Confluence® Matters

We all know how much the world has changed. And the way people communicate has changed too.

More ‘heavy-lifting’ is being asked: remote learning hybrid models, video calls, virtual conferences, online presentations…

There’s so much noise! And the sheer volume of information makes clarity and cut-through with teams, peers or stakeholders even harder.

The Speakers Confluence® Journey. Where do you stand?

Staircase graphic showing the 5 levels of Speaking Skills from Confidence to Impact and Influence

Speakers Confluence® is about becoming consistently comfortable, engaging and influential whenever you communicate:

  • Giving presentations or speeches
  • Facilitating or participating fully in meetings
  • During 1:1 conversations
  • On panels, videos, committees, podcasts etc.

The focus and ratio is tailored for your own personal goals.

It’s for you if you’re in a position where you need to influence, inspire and lead. And you know this ability has a major impact on your outcomes.

You’ll become even more effective at winning people over to your ideas – whether to clients, co-workers, upper management or the board. Or externally at a conference or other event.

This program is ideal for you if:

  • You’re serious about changing how you present and communicate.
  • You don’t want a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • You’re open to learning and dedicating time to improve your communication.

This program is not ideal for you if:

  • You’re not able to find the time or focus to test out new skills and ideas.
  • You’re closed off to trying something different, or being challenged.

When you have Speakers Confluence® through combining confidence, engagement and influence, you get these results:

  • Competence. Feel confident and capable when you present or communicate. Easily access the confidence/competence loop.
  • Adaptability. Whether you’re speaking to the board, upper management or your team, you’ll be able to comfortably adapt your style and skills.
  • Reach. Belief that you can speak to anyone, in any situation, with presence and gravitas.


You’ll learn how to access and walk away with:

  1. Consistent Confidence – available when you need it.
  2. Adaptable Authenticity – be yourself, and how to modify without losing who you are.
  3. Real-time Resilience – regroup quickly after a knock.
  4. Dynamic Delivery – harness the best energy and methods for your own style.
  5. Intentional Influence – able to influence up, down or across using proven techniques.

The coaching framework incorporates Resonance/ Rhythm / Timing / Space as a springboard to allow you to experience and elevate your skills in a new way (taken from my music background).

Speakers Confluence® is also highly relevant if you deliver conference presentations such as a Presidential Address, keynote or breakout session. Any type of higher-level communication.

Ready to go?  The details:

Sarah is an extraordinarily effective speaking coach. I’ve had multiple coaching sessions with her, and every time I’ve left with a great deal of learning that has really translated into noticeable impact in my presentations.

Before coming to Sarah I already had a fair bit of experience with speaking. Sarah listened intently to my goals and asked amazing questions to help clarify where I wanted to improve. She then workshopped some things with me and gave me amazing feedback as I practiced doing my presentation. 

This was both inspiring and encouraging as she drew out the things I was doing well so that I could double-down on them, and really edifying through highlighting areas I can improve and different ways an audience could interpret my message.

You can tell that Sarah truly cares, and the quality and quantity of feedback from her made a significant difference for me. An expert in her craft, has amazing insights, and is a really supportive and effective coach.

I’d highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve in their speaking, in a way that helps them become more authentically themself and find their unique voice and style. 

Paul HughesDirector of Engineering - Culture Amp

I had a great experience working with Sarah over the last couple of months on the public speaking and executive communication skills. Sarah’s knowledge of the field is extensive, and she continuously went the extra mile to address my specific questions. Looking forward to working with Sarah in the future.

Natalia Kozyura

Natalia KozyuraHead Of Innovation Center at FWD Insurance, Singapore

I encourage anyone looking to develop their interpersonal skills to reach out to Sarah. I cannot recommend her Speaker’s Confluence program enough as it’s helped me gain the confidence and skills to have more engaging interactions.

She has the ability to tailor courses to your specific needs so you can target and hone specific skills rather than a generic overview. 10/10 recommend!

Tristan S. BennettAdvisor - Tesla Australia

Sarah has helped me prepare for an upcoming conference in which I will be presenting. The entire process has been extremely helpful and I am very grateful for the assistance she has provided. I recommend to anyone looking to improve their public speaking abilities!

Jeremy Graham

Jeremy GrahamComputational Design Leader | Speaker | Developer