Speakers Partner

10 Month Transformational Program

This program gives you the highest level of access to me for your speaking goals; an ongoing deep level of support to create, build and refine what’s important to you.

From a complete overhaul to subtle tweaks that make all the difference to your structure, content or delivery. In any or all of these:

  • presentations
  • speeches
  • panel discussions
  • media appearances
  • interviews (interviewee or interviewer)

with in-depth analysis and coaching.

If you want to get the job done, and be highly effective and impactful in ALL your communications: presentations or speeches, meetings and conversations – including the difficult ones – panel discussions and interviews.

Any or all of these are available, you dictate what you need.

Speakers Partner is for you if you want “just in time” coaching as well as longer lead-times for planned high-stakes events such as conference presentations, sales meetings or panel discussions.


  • My travelling to 2 of your presentations/speeches/panel discussions/media appearances for coaching and post-event expert feedback (conditions apply)
  • In-depth analysis and feedback on presentations outside the coaching sessions if applicable (you send online recordings)
  • Analysis and coaching of presentation/speech walk-throughs during sessions
  • 4 slide decks revised, redesigned or created with you
  • Online videos demonstrating techniques and tools for you to study and repeat in your own time
  • Other tailored resources like PDFs, TED talk videos, speech analysis breakdowns relating to your goals and needs
  • Additional research and support e.g. drafting a conference abstract, speech-writing (‘done with you’ service)

You’ll be interested in Speakers Partner if:

  • You want this part of your life taken care of: 10 months of in-depth support, every aspect refined and enhanced
  • You’re in sales, and this 10 month support will give you the edge to bring in substantially more income
  • You’re in a senior position, have never been coached and would like a complete support system and safety net behind you over a period of time
  • You give the same, or similar suite of presentations frequently and want to reinvent yourself or tweak to truly stand out!

You’ll walk away with new skills, ready and able to access when you need them. This program is a personalised experience, tailored for your own exact priorities, learning needs and style.

How does Speakers Partner work?

We have an intake interview, where I learn what you need and want from the program, and view previous presentations, webinars or similar if available.

We meet 12 times usually over 10 months, online or in person for up to 75 minute sessions (session length is flexible if you need shorter sessions but more of them) where we nail your most pressing priorities. Sessions are usually two weeks apart, this is flexible 

You have in-depth support in between sessions, email and phone

You’re entitled to “just in time” coaching if something unexpected pops up

Your investment is $8,995 plus GST and you can pay in instalments.

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Wanted you to know that I have been applying our coaching and this week had a leadership conference which I led… 

I had loads of positive feedback and landed some really impactful messages. One senior leader commented that it was the best state of the union speech he had heard whilst with the company!

I must say that you have made a huge difference in my presentation skills…thanks a million

M.W.CFO of a multinational corporation

THANK YOU it all went very well…it was the best public speech I have EVER done. There were over 1500 people. It was awesome.

I got there early and walked around until I owned the space, I used the breathing and centred myself…I was totally comfortable and had people come to me saying that the speech was very good.

Thank you sooo much.

T.C.Seasoned company director