Choose 3 workshops (half or full day) from the 5 modules in the Accelerated Speaking Results System:

Confidence | Content | Engagement | Influence | Impact

This 3 session training series gives you truly embedded results, with a hands-on participant approach. 

This is achieved through:

  • Spaced repetition of learning techniques over the 3 sessions 
  • Content creation and refinement during sessions (including slides)
  • Delivery skills practice: impromptu and presentation-specific
  • Workbook as a post-training resource
  • Coaching and feedback during the sessions
  • Videotaping 
  • Online videos of key ideas to refer to and reinforce learning
  • Post training follow-up participant Zoom call

Each participant leaves the third training workshop with a whole presentation created and delivered.

When asked by Senior Management to arrange public speaking training for middle managers lacking these skills and confidence, I looked for an external public speaking professional to assist.

Sarah customised a 3 stage program for us and was extremely flexible in arranging delivery of training to fit in with our upcoming Conference. All staff who attended improved their public speaking skills very quickly but most importantly all reported a massive shift in confidence and self-belief. As expressed by one participant: “I now know that I can do this.” 

I recommend Sarah highly and am hoping to have her back to deliver more presentation training in the future.

Julie AllgoodL & D, Clark Rubber Franchising Pty Ltd

Our consultants found it a delight and a pleasure working with Sarah. Her modules were constructed with content that were grounded in psychology and human behavior. Her practical tips and approaches were well received too. During her workshops, Sarah was able to draw out the most reluctant of our consultants and make them participate enthusiastically.

The sessions were thoroughly enjoyable while being educational and practical. Thank you, Sarah. We have no hesitation in recommending Sarah’s course to others who are looking for such programs.

Arvind KrishnaswamyLogic Information Systems

Something I found particularly good about Sarah’s style was her individual approach. She recognised that each individual person had strengths and weaknesses and helped everyone with their unique weaknesses. Normally these training sessions have a “one size fits all“ approach and that was certainly not the case here.

Sam PowellTechnical Sales Manager, Steinert

I really enjoyed the three sessions and got some good information – (for me) learnt a lot about how to present in a less structured way.

Peter FenbySenior Business Development Manager, Steinert

'9 Boxes' Planning & Structure Template for an Impactful Presentation

Includes: Content 'type' suggestions / Walkthrough of my own example / Empty grid for your own use ______________________________________________ “Sarah has developed some very practical tools to help people learn and develop presentation skills. As someone who appreciates structure, having a template structure to work from and adapt is very helpful indeed.” - Chad Irons, GM, ACC International Relief

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