Below are my five core workshops. Once you’ve found the best option, I recommend having a brief phone call to make sure it’s definitely the best fit.

1. Confident Public Speaking Skills

Become comfortable and credible

Who is this for?

Anyone at work who needs to appear more confident, clear and articulate. Who wants to say ‘yes’ to opportunities, step up, and be able to think on their feet.

Learning outcomes

  • Gain the fundamental skills to build confidence
  • Build credibility, comfort and presence
  • Overcome self-consciousness or brain-freeze
  • Adapt to different group sizes and scenarios
  • Become more clear and articulate
  • Practise ‘off the cuff’ sharing in meetings or presentations 

2. Content Writing and Design Essentials

The essentials of fast, high-quality presentation creation and design.

Who is this for?

People who need to produce good content that’s clear, simple to understand and retain, and easily actionable. 

Learning outcomes

  • Structures and throughlines for different styles of presentation
  • Clear key messaging
  • Fast planning and editing using specific tools
  • Design principles from neuroscience for audience understanding and retention
  • Slides and visuals that are high-quality, professional, effective and easy to digest
  • Leave with a real presentation planned and structured

Engagement-workshop (2)

3. Authentic, Effective Audience Engagement

This workshop teaches the principles and skills of engagement and interaction. What motivates an audience to listen and act – and what ‘turns them off’ the presenter.

Who is this for?

Managers and leaders who would like to be more engaging when they present, and want a proven engagement and interaction toolkit. Particularly relevant if presentation topics are dry or hard to gain traction.

Learning outcomes

  • Social cognition, and what’s needed to make a great first impression 
  • How to engage audiences – even unmotivated ones – from the start
  • How to regain an audience’s attention if you lose it
  • Vocal presence for engaging delivery 
  • Adapt your style for different audiences
  • Learn when to interact, and when it can backfire

4. Speakers Confluence® Intensive

High-level content positioning and delivery skills. This VIP full day workshop (also available online as 4 x 1.5 hour sessions) is often requested for executives, management teams or key persons of influence.

Particularly applicable for keynotes, conferences, and other internal and external presentations. 

Participants are already competent and professional, and are looking for an extra edge: to be influential in changing opinion and gaining action, with excellent delivery skills. 

This Intensive works through the framing and shaping of ideas and content, as well as advanced delivery skills.

  • Gain trust and attention
  • Change opinions and get audience buy-in
  • Learn persuasion techniques without manipulation!
  • How to influence and lead from any position in the room
  • Show consistent confidence
Sing same Song smaller

5. ‘Sing the Same Song’ – Bridge the Technology Communication Gap – NEW!

Who is this for?

  • You’re a medium to large organisation with a blend of IT and commercial employees e.g. Most large enterprises
  • You’re a technology driven business that needs to engage better with commercial and non-technical clients e.g. Software house or service provider
  • Your team is mostly commercial but needs to engage with external IT providers e.g. You outsource your IT and software development
  • You’re the boss and you’ve had enough of the IT and commercial, us vs them, mentality that blights so many modern businesses

Learning outcomes

    This workshop and three month support program will teach your teams how the seven communication blockers…

  • Learning Styles
  • Power Imbalance
  • Status Anxiety
  • Accidental Arrogance
  • Assumption
  • Disconnection
  • And Distrust…contribute to communication issues.

However, by using:

  • Empathy
  • Simplicity
  • Story
  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Persuasion
  • And Influence, they’ll build Speakers Confluence®, improve comprehension and learn to compromise, ensuring they’ll all be hitting the right notes.

We’ve booked Sarah twice now for our annual PD day – both in person, then online this year – and have found her confidence and engagement speaking sessions to be of high value, practical, and easy to implement. She brings expertise and research-based, tested experience, and her approach is inclusive and generous.

We are already planning to have her back, as our team have already requested that Sarah delivers another session at our next PD day.

Deanna BeareNational Dietetics Manager - Plena Healthcare

Sarah is an excellent and informative speaker. She provides many useful tools and ideas to put into practice in order to enhance your public speaking skills. Overall, her presentation has allowed me to feel more confident when it comes to presenting to audiences. Thanks Sarah!

Jessie WhitingSenior Dietician and Team Leader - Plena Healthcare

Our consultants found it a delight and a pleasure working with Sarah. Her modules were constructed with content that were grounded in psychology and human behavior. Her practical tips and approaches were well received too. During her workshops, Sarah was able to draw out the most reluctant of our consultants and make them participate enthusiastically.

The sessions were thoroughly enjoyable while being educational and practical. Thank you, Sarah. We have no hesitation in recommending Sarah’s course to others who are looking for such programs.

Arvind KrishnaswamyLogic Information Systems

Sarah is an amazing and inspirational coach. I have invited her to host a public speaking workshop for our small team and she did a great job teaching us how to perform in front of the audience, gave us relevant feedback and pointed out things to work on. At the end of the workshop, we’ve all agreed that this experience brought us closer as a team. We will use this knowledge to improve our communications skills internally and externally. We would love to work with Sarah again.

Agnieszka NiemczykLead Qualifier and Marketing support, Equitone