Become a confident, engaging and influential communicator in every situation

Are you ready to build your speaking, influencing or presenting skills?

If you’re not getting the results you want from speaking…

…it’s because either your content, structure or delivery isn’t working as well as it could. And for many, the delivery part directly relates to nerves.

Does this resonate?

Who I work with

Whether you’re starting out at work, moving into a new role, or already in a leadership position, I can help to build or refine your skills – and your mindset if that’s needed.

You may be leading yourself, a team, or organisation.

Coaching methodology

Every part of my public speaking and presentation skills coaching process maintains your authenticity and strengths, and your vision and goals are always respected.

You’ll never be forced into a structure or box which isn’t “you” – you can, however, be encouraged into one if that’s what you’re looking for!

You’ll be supported to learn the skills that you need: from beginning your speaking journey and perhaps confidence-building, right up to high-level, consistent confidence and influence (through my Speakers Confluence® programs).

I’m always positive and encouraging, but will also give you clear feedback that cuts through directly to what you need.

My background

I’ve been coaching, consulting and mentoring in public speaking and presentation skills for 12 years. Plus many years on stage as a classical pianist before that.

I work with clients worldwide in organisations from the UN to Deutsche Bank.

I’m particularly known for:

  • Bringing out the extroverted aspect of introverted clients when they need to present
  • Transforming a rough presentation or talk into something coherent, flowing and dynamic

Learn more about each program through the links below.

You can also book a free 20 minute Discovery Conversation where we explore your goals and challenges, and if/how I can support you.

Sarah Denholm_IMG_2008 Improve Your Public Speaking (edited)

Private Coaching Options: see comparison table below.

Do you prefer to learn and practise new skills in a small, safe, group course? 

Complete Presentation Skills Course – 5 weeks

Need to be more confident and engaging? Come to my small group course in Melbourne and learn every foundational skill you’ll need, AND positively change how you feel about public speaking.

This ‘fundamentals’ course will give you different, proven tools to manage any speaking fears, as well as all the basics of great presenting.

The course runs over 5 weeks to truly embed the tools and techniques in front of others. And you present twice every week: impromptu and prepared.

You’ll leave the course with more confidence, clarity and ability to engage any audience in any situation.

Speakers Confluence® Group Course – 4 weeks

More experienced as a speaker or presenter, but still don’t always feel confident or influential enough? Come to my Level 2 small group course in Melbourne and learn how to speak with confidence, presence and influence in any business situation:



1:1 conversations

The course runs over 4 weeks to properly embed the tools and techniques in front of others. And you present twice every week: impromptu and prepared.

You’ll leave the course better able to tap into your own strengths, and with new strategies and skills for more embedded and powerful confidence, presence and ability to influence others.

1:1 Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coaching Options Comparison. You can also book one session to experience working with me before choosing a package. 

NFP / student pricing available, contact me for details

Methodology and Framework - What Can be Covered:

I developed this staircase to model the different levels of speaking skills, strength and mastery you can learn.

You can stand confidently in front of others, knowing that what you’re doing will work. From content structure and through-line, key messaging, Q and A, right through to slides, impact and influence techniques.

Where do you sit on this staircase?

Staircase graphic showing the 5 levels of Speaking Skills from Confidence to Impact and Influence

I hope that you’ve found an option which suits your needs for individual public speaking and presentation skills coaching or mentoring. To find out more about my background and story, visit the About Sarah page, or my LinkedIn profile.