Public Speaking for Beginners

Sarah Denholm presenting on stage with audience in foreground

Are you new to public speaking?

Maybe you’re just starting your new job or career and need to start speaking to groups. Perhaps you’re studying. Or you’ve got a promotion and suddenly, speaking is part of your role. You might not have needed to speak up since you were at school – or perhaps at school, you avoided it!

Whatever your situation, there are simple tips and techniques that can make you look and sound as though you know what you’re doing – even if you’re nervous. Shortcuts to fast skills in areas like:

  • Having a few key messages. 
  • Being clear when delivering these messages. Mumbling won’t be your style! 
  • Reducing or avoiding filler words like ‘um, you know, like, sort of…”. 
  • Not talking for longer than you need to: you won’t ramble! 
  • Standing or sitting tall (if you can). 
  • Strong ways to open and close so that your audience wants to listen.

I teach public speaking skills for beginners and can tell you that all these skills are totally learnable. You can start out being a terrible speaker – I was! And after learning some tools and tips and practising them, you can make big improvements in a short space of time.

You can learn to avoid the mistakes I made when I was starting out, and massively accelerate your progress. People won’t believe that you’re a beginner after you’ve finished.

Learn all the foundational skills that you need with my different options for public speaking training for beginners.

Options, starting with the smallest time and money investment first:

  1. Mind the Blanks online short course. This is for you if you struggle with fear of mind blanks or brain freeze when you speak. You can take this course anywhere with you: bite-sized short videos with lots of tools to avoid or overcome going blank when you present. 
  2. Online video course on how to become a confident speaker. This comprehensive video course with slides, voiceover, and worksheets, gives you in-depth tools and techniques to rapidly improve your public speaking and presentation skills ability. Learn at your own pace from anywhere. 
  3. Private coaching with me – Speaking Breakthrough. If you want tailored, private coaching that gets to the heart of directly what you need, check out this 1 or 2-session package. This is a great personalised option for moving you along fast. 
  4. Live small group course in Melbourne. This face-to-face small group teaches you every foundational skill you’ll ever need on how to become confident and engaging. You’ll usually be part of a group of 6 – 8 people, all wanting to learn. It’s a safe, supportive space for you to learn, practise and grow in confidence and skill.

So if you’re looking for public speaking training for beginners so that you can upgrade your skills fast, have a look at any of the information above. I guarantee my work and have 100’s of client testimonials and reviews from happy clients.

And of course, if you have any questions or would like a chat on the phone or virtually, you can contact me or book a 20-minute Discovery conversation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

And best wishes with your public speaking journey, whatever you decide to do.