To persuade, check your tone

To persuade, check your ‘tone’.

How often do you focus on your tone of voice when you’re trying to persuade? One of the issues that can turn people off without you even being aware of it, is speaking in a tone that sounds pessimistic or resigned.

Thinking of it as a tone ‘scale’:

Resignation and pessimism on one end, versus enthusiasm and energy on the other – where do you usually sit on that scale?

It’s easy to be concerned about appearing pushy, “too much” or even cheesy! And we certainly need to be aware of all of those things. But in an effort to dial that down, sometimes lifelessness and resignation can creep in. Very unappealing!

If we want to enroll people into our ideas, we have to appear enthusiastic ourselves – or else why would they be interested?

So – sometimes worth a revisit: or record yourself and get someone you trust to listen.

Wishing you great speaking experiences!

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