Do you Struggle with Too Much Content?

Do you struggle with too much content when you present? A presentation (a talk or speech also apply here) isn’t the best way to deliver a lot of content, it’s actually very inefficient. The brain isn’t designed to take in a whole of information coming at it rapidly, as we know. Particularly nowadays!

A good or great presentation or talk is about communicating something where you add value by showing up. You’re enhancing and interpreting the information in your own voice and delivery style…and the audience needs you as interpreter. Otherwise why be there?

Your audience needs space
This is especially important if you need to influence or persuade them to see your point of view. And most presentations have an element of that – let’s hope!

Otherwise it really is an information dump, and if that’s the case, I’d question why it’s being delivered in presentation format in the first place.

Remember that exhaustive detail = exhausted audience!

Every audience needs reflection time and space for the information to breathe and be absorbed. A good presentation allows this space to happen.

Why do we so often add too much?

When I talk to clients particularly in organisations, it’s often about “look how much work I’ve done…” or they’ll tell me they need to cover all bases, so everything has to go in!

And if you’re new to speaking, or in a new role, it may be insecurity that pushes you to prove yourself by trying to add everything that you know.

The challenge of different audience levels.
Plus the challenge of different levels in your audience. You’re often going to have a variety of audience members. Some will never be happy unless you give huge amounts of data, while others are looking for the big picture.

And of course it also depends what level of management you’re presenting to, and their role in the organisation. So it’s often a balancing act.

But stuffing your audience isn’t ultimately going to get you the best outcome – particularly if you need to influence and persuade. So my question for you today is:

Is it possible to shave a bit off your next presentation? It can help if you think “need to know” not “nice to know”.

Wishing you great speaking experiences!

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