Two Brain ‘Fuels’ You Need When Speaking in Public

Have you ever thought about what brain ‘fuels’ you need when speaking in public?

In today’s video post, I discuss the two brain fuels you need when speaking in public, why they matter, and how to get more of them.

Without them, you’ll be much more likely to blank out, or feel yourself slowing down. You probably know the feeling when you’re hungry and your mind starts to slow – or where your brain actually feels like it freezes and you can’t think what you meant to say next. It’s just horrible when that happens in front of a group, and they’re looking at you expectantly.

One of these fuels only lasts about 20 minutes from top-up before it starts to fade out – and if you’re giving a long presentation, it’s even more important to make sure you’ve taken care of it before you start.


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