Powerful Internal Questions to Influence Up

Some powerful internal questions to influence up, if you’re nervous or threatened by hierarchy.

Hierarchy challenges can rear up for a lot of people. Even when confident, that sense of “less than” can be a real issue. It can help a lot to reframe what you’re aiming to achieve.

Asking yourself powerful questions such as “How can I contribute here? How can I help these people with my information?” can make a difference.

Or finding a way to generate a feeling of ‘peer to peer’ discussion by asking yourself – prior to the conversation or presentation – questions such as:

“What will make this feel more collegiate (or more equal)?” How can I see this group or this individual as simply a group of human beings?”

It sounds simple, but I promise it can make a big difference to your internal chatter and resulting mindset. 

Wishing you great speaking experiences! 

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