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To influence have an opinion, virtual speaking engagement, and how to feel more confident

I. Influencing others when you speak

To be influential when you communicate or present you need opinions, and you need to share them. (Tone and context are hugely important too of course - and for today's tip, I'm assuming they're appropriately in place!) Too often in my work, I see people with great knowledge and credibility who still prefer to deliver only information and hide their opinion or recommendation. This is a completely understandable – it's a lot safer to fly under the radar than voice ideas out loud to people who matter, or who have power over us – we're afraid of...

Communication Challenge: Not Fully Trusting Your Own Ideas

Do you ever diminish yourself or your abilities? A real communication challenge comes from not fully trusting your own ideas.

There are many ways we can short-change ourselves when we communicate our ideas - whether that's to one person or a big audience. Today I'm talking about a common issue, with more to come in future posts.

Not trusting our ideas fully enough.

This one's particularly for you if you're in the business of creating change, influencing or persuading others. Not trusting in the power of our ideas to make a difference in the world is often the biggest internal block we have to...

Increase your Self-confidence in Public Speaking

Imagine that you're looking for advice on how to increase your self-confidence in public speaking. You want to build self-worth in that part of your life, so you come to see me as a client. You tell me that you're afraid of failure (aren't most of us?); that your confidence fluctuates - or is totally absent. Whichever applies, you can't rely on any confidence being there when you most need it during presentations. And you tell me that you have to tackle this problem, as it's holding you back professionally (and sometimes personally). Increase your self-confidence in public...