To influence have an opinion, virtual speaking engagement, and how to feel more confident

I. Influencing others when you speak

To be influential when you communicate or present you need opinions, and you need to share them. (Tone and context are hugely important too of course – and for today’s tip, I’m assuming they’re appropriately in place!)

Too often in my work, I see people with great knowledge and credibility who still prefer to deliver only information and hide their opinion or recommendation.

This is a completely understandable – it’s a lot safer to fly under the radar than voice ideas out loud to people who matter, or who have power over us – we’re afraid of getting it wrong and being judged negatively.

But if you want to have influence in your workplace – or your life in general – you need to step up and tell us what you think. You’ll gain greater respect, and people will notice you.


Which leads to my next idea for today:

 2. More confident speaking: is your ‘story’ out of date?

We tell ourselves stories about what we’re capable and what we’re incapable of doing, all the time. Sometimes it’s hard to shut them up!

But it’s worth reminding yourself that your current story about how you speak in public, how you give a presentation – this may be out of date. We all do it.

Again, it’s something I see so often with clients: they’re much better than they think they are…and if they could only get out of their own way, the difference and freedom would be huge.

I’m not saying this is easy: many things come into play. But the story part can help them make a substantial shift.

We take past events and the beliefs and stories that formed from them…and we drag them with us into the present moment. It’s automatic: unless we interrupt the pattern in the present moment.

One way to interrupt the automatic pattern is to ask yourself these questions:

“What’s the story I’m telling myself about this?

Is it out of date for the person I’ve become and the life I’m living now?

If I give it a sniff, do I need to pour it down the sink or throw it out?

Who would I be without this story? And can I let it go, even temporarily?”


3. A virtual presentation engagement energy tip

When we present virtually, we need to lift our energy (unless you’re someone who is naturally high-energy anyway). Most people fall into the “need to lift” category.

Talking through a screen will flatten you – as a general rule of thumb, I’d suggest lifting your energy by at least 20%.

50% is usually even better! Watch a recent recording of yourself, or test it if you’re unsure. You may be surprised just what a difference it makes to how you engage your audience.

And if you’re nervous of presenting, lifting your energy can also really help with that one.

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